Elephant Painting

Elephant Art. Elephants are natural artists. They are well known to doodle in the dirt with sticks. At Perth Zoo in Australia, they have an enrichment program that involves a wide array of behavioral and physical activities that keep their elephants stimulated and their days varied and interesting. Funds raised from the sale of each masterpiece helps Perth Zoo protect Sumatran Elephants in the wild. This includes supporting local patrol units to monitor and protect one of the last remaining herds of Sumatran Elephants in the world within the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem. Please note that the paints used are animal friendly and are 100% non-toxic. Each piece is an original and no two pieces are ever the same. Each elephant has their own painting ‘signature’, painting with their own distinctive style. The elephants are assessed by veterinary teams.

Their keepers are highly skilled experts. They enjoy close relationships with the elephants based on trust and respect, which is why their elephants love participating in painting activities. It is a very positive, exciting and stimulating experience for them.

(VIDEO) Elephant Painting