Cute Dog Rides Turtle (VIDEO)

This cute dog named Hope likes to ride this turtle named Carl. :)

OMG! Standing Cat (VIDEO)

Standing Cat is a tabby cat named Rocky who was filmed standing upright on his hind legs on a bed.

Dog Copies Little Girl's Cartwheel (VIDEO)

This little girl wanted to show off her cartwheeling skills, so she went all over her living room doing them. Her dog wanted to get in the action and tried to copy her, but he wasn't as graceful as the little girl.

Amazing Bird Sings His Heart Out (VIDEO)

Wow! This parrot can really sing. Seriously!

Funny Bulldog Loves Eating Peanut Butter (VIDEO)

Whenever the owner finishes a plastic jar of peanut butter, he lets Ellie, the bulldog, take care of the rest.