Dog Crying In Sleep

Daphne is dreaming. Dogs, like other mammals, do dream. Watch till the end. So cute.

How to Cuddle with an Elephant Seal

This elephant seal is adorably enamored with this woman on the beach. Watch their interaction with each other. This is filmed at Gold Harbour in South Georgia Island, which is East of the Southern tip of South America.

Kitten Slowly Waves Paws During Nap

If you need an adorable moment to brighten up your day, then watch this cute kitten slowly waves his paws side-to-side during an afternoon nap.

Dogs Don't Really Want To Fight

These dogs are all tough... until the gate is open.

Dog Slaps Cat with Tail

Luke, the orange tabby cat, will tolerate a lot from his best friend, Tally, the Beagle Collie mix.