The Most Annoyingly Cute Thing Ever (VIDEO)

This adorable 10 month old Siberian Husky dog, named Shiro, started doing this when she was 9 months old randomly. The video is of a 10 minute commute the owner does most days highlighting some parts of the trip. This is the most annoyingly cute thing ever! Enjoy!

Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels (VIDEO)

This video is so cute and sweet... This cat has a heart of gold.

French Bulldog Puppy Gets His Bed Back (VIDEO)

10-week-old French Bulldog Pixel finally got his revenge on the cat, who keeps stealing his bed, even though she has her own. He drags the bed and puts it back in his corner, where he always sleeps.

Baby Rhino and Lamb Playing Together (VIDEO)

Gertjie the rhinoceros, and Lammie the lamb, are playing together! This video is a perfect example of the cute way Gertjie (also known as Little G) and his sidekick Lammie interact with each other. They are a very special pair!

Running of the Goats at Sunflower Farm (VIDEO)

After a day of grazing with the herd, 44 baby goats at Sunflower Farm go for a little adventure. They love to run back and forth following their human friends!