The Happiest Duck in the World

A happy duck doing the happy dance.

Sheep Raised By Dogs Thinks She's Part of the Pack

Meet Pet, a little lamb that grew up with four border collies and now thinks she's one of them.

Baby Elephant, Navann, Plays In A Mud Pit And Swims In A River

Happy little baby elephant, Navann, is having a fun time playing in the mud pit with his mother and nanny at Elephant Nature Park in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Cat Reacts When Owner Fakes Death

☺ Watch how this cat reacts when his owner, the human, fakes his death.

Cats Playing Footsies

This is Cooper. He is enjoying a game of paw tapping "patty cake" when Pancake abruptly ends the play, upsetting Cooper.

Puppy vs. Mirror

A cute Havanese puppy named Rambo sees himself in a mirror and thinks there's another puppy in the room!

Baby Duck Sticks with Mama Cat

This cute baby duck follows the cat everywhere she goes.