Does Your Cat Play Fetch?

James, the cat, loves playing fetch with the ball.

Dog Comforts Pal Having Bad Dream

When a dog has a nightmare, his furry friend races to the rescue and wakes him up to give him a comforting hug.

Baby Deer Can't Figure Out How to Play With a Ball

This cute fawn is having a little trouble playing with a ball.

Cat: It's Better For You To Sleep Now!

Funny cat wants the baby to go to sleep. Watch the cat gently head butts the baby to lie down.

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Tumbles In The Snow

During the snowfall, cameras caught giant panda Da Mao 'bear-bogganing' in his outdoor exhibit. Perhaps he's discovered a new winter sport? (Note: There is no sound in the video.)

Cats' Reaction to Fake Spooky Ghost

Watch how these cats react to a spooky ghost. Will they run or attack?

Mama Cat Comes To Rescue Her Little Kitten

This is an adorable video. Mama cat comes to rescue her little scared kitten.

Tiny Feral Kitten's First Time Being Held by Human

☺ This adorable kitten was born outside in the yard. They caught this little kitten and she was hissing and spitting when finally she realized that she loves to snuggle with her human. Listen closely. You can hear her sweet purring.

Did That Dog Just Do A Pull-up?

This smart dog loves sitting on his chair. Watch as he does a pull-up to sit on his chair.

Possibly the Smallest Pet Pig in the World

We don't know if this is the smallest pig in the world but it sure is the cutest little pet pig around.