Lexi Wakes Dad Up (VIDEO)

Lexi the Samoyed wakes dad up very gently. She wants to go on a walk and she doesn't like when dad sleeps in.

Adorable Corgi Won't Fetch w/o BEAR (VIDEO)

Cute Corgi loves his toy stuffed bear so much that he won't fetch without it.

Retired Military Working Dog Discovers First Kitten (VIDEO)

Retired Military Working Dog Chef H067 sees a kitten for the first time.

Cutest Twins Ever From Different Species (VIDEO)

Cute pit bull and kitten look so much alike. Aren't they the cutest twins ever?

Puppy Attempts To Reclaim Bed From Cat (VIDEO)

Pixel, a 10 week old French Bulldog, is trying to reclaim what is rightfully his. Watch as he tries his very best to take back his bed from the family cat. It must also be noted that this cat should receive some points for being so patient!