Cute Duckling is Very Sleepy

This cute duckling is very tired and sleepy but manages to stay awake.

Cute Pygmy Goat Kid Playing

This cute little baby pygmy goat, "Quaver", is so happy to be dancing and playing. The other pygmy goat is her Mother, happily munching in the warm sunshine.

Puppy Is SO Excited To See Baby

This cute Golden Retriever puppy is very excited to see a human baby.

Cute Corgi Won't Fetch Without His Security Blanket

Cute Corgi, named Yuki, loves his red towel "security blanket". Yuki won't fetch without it.

Cat Takes Her Kittens To Meet An Old Friend

This momma cat wanted to see her old friend, who happens to be a dog to meet her baby kittens. Watching the way this sweet gentle dog responds to the new kittens is too precious. This mom knew her baby kittens were in good hands! ☺

Cute Baby Elephant Playing

This looks more like an elephant’s version of rhythmic gymnastics with a ribbon.

JoJo the Indian Ringneck and Buddy the Quaker Parrot

JoJo the Indian Ringneck is in love with Buddy the Quaker Parrot. Buddy is a little shy and when he gets excited he shakes his head up and down. That's where they get their names from, "quaking".

Dog and Kitten Drinking Water

A big dog and a tiny kitten having a drink of water from the same bowl. CUTE!

Sleeping Cat Quacks When His Owner Coughs

LOL! A cat that quacks when he hears someone cough?

Denver, The Very Guilty Dog

Someone helped themselves to the kitty cat treats! Let's see who cracks under pressure?