Baby Otters Jumping And Cheering

These baby otters jumping are so cute. Listen to the adorable sound of their tiny cheers.

You Stop When I Say You Can Stop

☺ In this video shows a cute puppy loving a belly rub but, when the human stops... Watch the puppy's reaction.

Dolphin Stampede - Absolutely Amazing!

Amazing! This video was shot in the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California). The sea is wedged between the Mexico mainland and the Baja California peninsula. While they were fishing, they ran through a pod of several hundred dolphins. This is part of what they saw. It is truly spectacular!

Cat Scares French Bulldog

This poor dog is terrified of the cat! But, in all fairness, he was the one who started it.

Ducks Having a Conversation

☺ Here are cute ducks having a friendly conversation.... I think. Lol!